Injection Molded Parts

Injection molded parts are accurate, lightweight, inexpensive, and able to be mass produced. If your product can sustain high volumes, we can produce part designs ready to go to the mold shop. We can also perform a preliminary fill simulation to check fill times, part quality, weld locations, cycle time, and more. We've worked with product startups and small businesses to develop attractive and efficient injection molded products and enclosures - we can help you get to market fast, and for less.

Our Process


The first step in any successful injection molded part design project is to establish requirements. What's it going to look like? What materials, colours, and textures should be used? What environment will the part be in, and what are the strength requirements? We'll also work with you to balance part complexity with the number of parts in a plastic assembly to optimize tooling costs and part performance before we get into detailed design.

Design & Drawings

We take your requirements and develop a 3D model of the plastic parts, an exact representation of the final product. Part features specific to injection molding are carefully considered: draft angles, parting planes, consistent wall thickness, avoidance of undercuts, ejector pin locations, screw bosses, alignment features, snaps, etc. Photorealistic renders or animations can be provided so you can see exactly what the product will look like before spending time and money on tooling or prototyping. Once you approve the design, we then use the model to complete 2D drawings of the parts, detailing critical tolerances and finishes.

Moldflow Analysis

We can also analyze the ability of the part to fill properly. We check fill times, projected part quality, weld locations, and cycle time. We can determine ideal gate locations, and look at the effect of cooling channels and filling multiple parts in a mold.

Prototype & Production

Using industrial MultiJet 3D printers, we can provide a nearly 1-to-1 prototype for your newly designed injection molded parts. Test fit, function, and appearance before investing in production tooling. Once you're ready for production, we work with the injection molders to help them produce optimized molds, and soon you're making thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of parts.

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Mechanical Design

CAD is just a tool and drawings are just the last step - there's a lot more that goes into a successful design. That said, our drawings are always clean, easy to understand, and optimized for efficient manufacturing.

Electrical & Mechatronics

Often mechanical and electrical go hand in hand. We have experience with motion systems, motor sizing, control systems, operator interfaces, custom PCBs, consumer electronics, and more.

Kinematics / Simulation

A kinematic study is essential in machine design to verify design intent. It's also useful to communicate complex designs to stakeholders, technical or otherwise.

Injection Molded Parts

Injection molded parts are accurate, lightweight, inexpensive, and able to be mass produced. We develop part designs ready to go to the mold shop. We can also check fill times, projected part quality, weld locations, cycle time, and more to optimize the design.

Weldments, Sheet Metal, & Castings

We're experts at designing multi-step production parts requiring careful planning. Hierarchical drawing packages detail castings (and patterns), complex weldments, and sheet metal assemblies at each stage of manufacturing.

Jigs, Fixtures, & Gauges

Just tell us how you need to assemble, hold, or measure your part and we'll design and build a custom solution for your production team. With a fast turnaround and integrated precision machine shop, we look forward to saving you time and money.

Custom Tooling

Forge & trim dies, bend tooling, custom cutters, roll dies, sheet metal stamping, molds and patterns - our team has designed and manufactured all sorts of completely custom tooling. Save money with efficiency gains and short payback periods.

Reverse Engineering

We can generate CAD data from existing parts or assemblies and use them to apply design improvements, create visualizations, or produce new drawings. Using either manual measurements or a CMM Romer arm, we can capture any geometry.


Many of our designs are 3D printed to verify fit and function before money is spent on tooling. We can have a prototype made in a day, and quickly iterate on designs. Our machine shop can quickly produce production quality prototypes as well in plastic or metal.

Machine Shop

In addition to producing parts for machine builds and product prototypes, we also offer low volume production for products or parts that fit our shop's machining capabilities.


Present new product designs to stakeholders early with photorealistic renders, or market products before they're manufactured. For industrial projects, we can use visualizations to communicate design features or machine operation.

Virtual Reality

VR in design and manufacturing? Trust us, it's amazing! Walk through your new production floor months before it's built, explore a new machine concept from the inside, and so much more. With our mobile VR equipment, we can come to your office for a design review unlike any other.

Finite Element Analysis

We use Inventor Nastran, a top tier FEA package, to perform a number of advanced analyses: linear & nonlinear static, buckling, modal, transient response, frequency response, shock/drop tests, fatigue, and heat transfer.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

We use Autodesk CFD to analyze fluid flow and heat transfer for electronics cooling, hydraulic or pneumatic products, free water surface effects, and other complex scenarios.

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