Custom Automation

Take advantage of completely custom automation equipment, designed and built for your unique application - increase capacity, efficiency, and quality while cutting costs for a competitive edge. We specialize in working with small to medium sized businesses where every dollar counts, so everyone can benefit no matter the budget.

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Our Advantage

Modern Design Solutions

We're experts in the latest CAD and integrated manufacturing tools, visualization and analysis software, even virtual reality design reviews. We deliver better design, faster, and with more clarity than ever before.

Completely Custom

Everything we do is unique - we specialize in projects that don't have off the shelf solutions. All of our work is carefully designed to suit your application.

Integrated Machine Shop

Our integrated manufacturing facility is ready to prototype your product or build your custom equipment. As a result, you'll benefit from significantly reduced lead times and a single point of contact for the entire project.

Speed & Professionalism

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes (even individuals) and we love guiding people through the process no matter what their experience. We're also committed to fast turnaround times - with the technology and processes we use, you'll be surprised how quickly we can get the job done.

Automation Benefits

High ROI

We ensure automation is an easy investment decision at any stage of your growth. We can work to any budget, so even small businesses can take advantage of custom equipment. Simply put, your machines make you money.

Increased throughput and quality

Production facilities, machine shops, labs, even restaurants benefit from dramatic speed and quality upgrades. Whatever you do, we can help you do it faster and better than ever.

Reduced production costs

Custom built automation equipment dramatically reduces production and labour costs. We love helping startups scale into success stories, and established companies gain a competitive edge.

Our Custom Equipment Process

Requirements and Constraints

We take time to understand your unique application, set accurate requirements, and plan a way forward. We'll also discuss budget and timelines. We don't take on a project unless we're sure we can exceed expectations.


Design and Engineering

Each and every part of your equipment is carefully considered as we work through design iterations with you. This phase ends with your sign off and a full drawing package.


Fabrication and Assembly

Once drawings are approved, a quote is prepared by our shop for fabrication and assembly. Having an integrated shop means significantly lower costs and reduced lead times.



We test your equipment extensively, both in our shop as it's being assembled and again in your facility under operating conditions. Sometimes we'll conduct focused tests during the design phase as well, before we commit to certain design elements.


Installation and Training

Our technicians commission your automation equipment and train you and your staff on its use. If you're not local to us, we can ship your machines worldwide with detailed instructions and remote support, or travel to your facility.


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