The Mini Mk2 vacuum lifter being used to lay stone outdoors.

MQUIP Group Inc. - The Mini Mk2

A 3D CAD model of the Mini Mk2 lifter beside the real product.
The Mini Mk2 3D CAD design on the left, and the final product.


MQUIP had a range of ideas to develop a next-generation vacuum lifting device for the landscaping and construction industry, but didn’t have the engineering know-how to bring it to life.

Working with Riganelli Design

Riganelli Design stepped in, utilizing the team’s engineering design and analytical skills to assess the concept, suggest improvements, create detailed drawings, and liaise with the manufacturer.

The Outcome

Within 5 short months of engaging with Riganelli Design, MQUIP had already received delivery of the first 10 prototypes for testing – exceeding expectations. Using animated product videos from Riganelli Design, MQUIP secured pre-orders for over 20 units. Accessories and a full user manual were also ready for launch.

Riganelli Design was fully committed to helping us bring our ideas to life. The team’s engineering design ingenuity and experience was critical in helping realize our new product – and Marcus personally went over and beyond what we expected.

- James Reid, President, MQUIP Group Inc.

About MQUIP Group

MQUIP Group Inc.'s logo.

MQUIP Group Inc. is a family-run business based in Burlington, Ontario, supplying high-quality vacuum lifting equipment for heavy materials. The business was established in 2014 to serve a growing need in the landscaping sector, and has since evolved to supply the construction sector as a whole. 

James, president at MQUIP, with the original Mini vacuum lifter.
James with the original Mini

Based on customer feedback from its most popular lifting device, the Archback Mini, MQUIP knew there was an opportunity to develop the next-generation device. The father and son team had many ideas sketched out and jotted down on paper, including:

  • A more robust structure to withstand the harsh construction environment
  • A fully enclosed electronics cabinet for increased reliability
  • Integration of an easily swappable battery pack, to mitigate site downtime
  • Increasing the system voltage from 12v to 18v
  • Easier maintenance and repair

The Problem

The team at MQUIP didn’t have the know-how to make the concepts a reality.

James, president at MQUIP, knew they needed help.

We knew exactly what our customers needed, but we quickly realized if we wanted to produce the new device that we needed engineering support. That’s when I received some marketing materials from Riganelli Design. The timing was impeccable...

Partnering with Riganelli Design Proved to Be a Game Changer

On meeting Marcus from Riganelli Design, we immediately knew he and his team were the right people for the job. He was extremely knowledgeable and personable, and we picked up on his sense of commitment to our project straight away.

Using their industry know-how and extensive experience, Riganelli Design stepped in and took the development of the new Mini Mk2 to the next level. Marcus spoke with the team at MQUIP and started by creating a project plan, a detailed specification, and a matrix of requirements.

During the engagement, Riganelli Design took the original sketches and ideas to:

  • Create professional design concepts
  • Carry out in-depth analytical reviews
  • Develop drawing packages for manufacture
  • Produce an on-brand Mini Mk2 user manual

MQUIP was especially impressed with the analyses that Riganelli Design was able to carry out. Analyzing the design and highlighting areas for concern up-front on the computer screen allowed them to refine their design prior to prototyping, saving thousands of dollars on manufacturing extra prototypes for destructive testing.

As a business owner, having analytical data on hand that’s been carried out by an experienced team like Riganelli Design is priceless. It adds an extra level of reassurance knowing our products have been designed to the highest quality and safety standards. This was a real game changer for us.

- James Reid, President, MQUIP Group Inc.

Technical drawings with digital calipers.

From Computer Screen to Production and Beyond

Once design reviews and analyses were carried out and drawings were approved, it was time for production. MQUIP had a relationship with a local fabricator, who had all the in-house equipment to manufacture the Mini Mk2.

Although the team at MQUIP were still heavily involved at this stage, they found themselves with the luxury of having Riganelli Design in their corner.

It was great having Marcus and his team on board, to liaise with the fabricators for the manufacture of the Mini Mk2. It relieved a layer of stress from our small team, allowing us to get on with our day-to- day tasks. We had full confidence, knowing we had a design team who could answer any queries on the design and manufacture – they knew our product inside out.
The Mini Mk2 during testing at MQUIP's facility in Burlington, Ontario.
The Mini Mk2 during testing at MQUIP's facility in Burlington, Ontario. Maximum lifting capacity is 2,200 lbs!
Without help from the team at Riganelli Design, it could’ve taken us years to bring these products to life. Yet, here we are just 5 months from engaging with Riganelli Design, and the first 10 units have already arrived. Unbelievable!

- James Reid, President, MQUIP Group Inc.

The staff quickly put prototypes through their paces on harsh work sites with their customers. They continued to work closely with the team at Riganelli Design to make small adjustments to the design before going to market.

The Mini Mk2 user manual.
The Mini Mk2 user manual.

At the same time, staff at Riganelli Design were already working on accessories for the Mini Mk2, as well as a detailed user manual in both English and French. Looking forward, they have helped MQUIP identify further product evolutions and new product ideas, and are busy at work developing these as well. MQUIP's goal is to develop an entire lineup of their own vacuum lifting products, replacing the lifters they currently distribute from other manufacturers.

An Unexpected Bonus

From the VR design review and animation material that Riganelli Design produced, MQUIP was able to run a marketing campaign that produced surprising results. Utilizing the animation, which showed the design and operation of the Mini Mk2, MQUIP secured a batch of preorders from customers prior to production. What a confidence booster!

Partnering with Riganelli Design has been such a valuable decision for our business. We truly feel like they’re part of the team now, and we have more projects in the pipeline to work on together. For anyone who needs full design support from a professional, reliable team who genuinely has your best interests at heart – I can’t recommend Riganelli Design highly enough.

- James Reid, President, MQUIP Group Inc.

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Closing Thoughts from Marcus Riganelli

Our mission is to help you achieve a greater level of control over your business, and accelerate your growth with products your customers will love. We do this through highly collaborative partnerships, combining your industry knowledge with our engineering design expertise. Think of us as your own in-house product design team: we'll help refine your idea, develop designs, build prototypes, perform tests and calculations, create drawings, and deal with manufacturers. We'll even produce user manuals, marketing materials, packaging, and more.

My team and I are ready to help, so feel free to reach out. We're looking forward to working with you!

- Marcus Riganelli, President, Riganelli Design Inc.

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