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Professional product development.

From concept to design, analysis, prototyping, manufacturing, and beyond.
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Our advantage

Through experienced engineering design and an array of other services, we provide ambitious businesses with more control and enable new growth.
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Wide range of capabilities

Developing a new or updated product takes a lot of work, but we offer everything you need to make it happen.

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MQUIP Mini Mk2 vacuum lifter installing stone.
Stellar outcomes

More control over your products and business, increased growth, happy customers.

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Your design partners

You bring your industry experience, we'll bring our design expertise. We focus on developing long term, collaborative relationships with our clients.

The right team for the job

We're passionate about providing design solutions, and committed to your success.

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Our process

Our approach to product development is agile, and our team's extensive design experience allows us to bring profitable products to market quickly.
We start by working with you to create a project plan tailored for your unique business needs, and aim to fully define your product. Our tried and true processes ensure we stay on track through even the most complex product development projects.
Using the latest technology, we design and optimize down to the last detail. Advanced software, in house prototyping, and experience in a wide range of manufacturing methods means the job is done right the first time. We can even give you front row seats with an immersive virtual reality design review.
Professional drawings and direct support simplify manufacturing. Incredibly realistic renders and animations sell your product at it's best. On-brand user manuals and packaging ensure top notch customer experiences. There's lots more to do to support your product, and we'll be there to help every step of the way.

What we do

Bringing a product to market is complex - there's lots to do. We take care of the details so you can focus on what's important.
Industrial design sketches.
Concept Development
We'll help you develop your idea and give it some substance. Lots of sketches and decisions to be made.
Product Architecture
Complex products are broken down into connected components.
CAD designer.
Mechanical Design
Detailed 3D models, simulations, calculations, drawings, and more fully define form and function.
Injection molded enclosure halves.
Design for Manufacturing
Castings, forgings, fabrications, sheet metal, machined parts, injection moulded parts, 3D printed, complex assemblies... we'll ensure your product is ready for the factory floor.
CNC lathe producing a prototype part.
In-house prototyping and relationships with a wide variety of specialty shops allow us to produce production accurate prototypes, fast.
FEA stress analysis.
Finite Element Analysis
We use a top tier FEA package to perform advanced analyses when needed: linear & nonlinear static, buckling, modal, transient response, frequency response, shock/drop tests, fatigue, and heat transfer.
Laser cutting steel.
Manufacturing Support
We'll happily liaise directly with your manufacturer to keep things running smoothly.
MQUIP Mini Mk2 user manual.
User Manuals
Professionally written and on-brand user manuals are essential, both to comply with regulations and for an outstanding customer experience.
We can also design product packaging, consistent with your brand and shipping requirements.
Product Planning
Competitive analysis, setting specifications, planning product lineups, and financial estimates.
Industrial design illustration.
Industrial Design
The look and feel of the product. Good design has a big impact on marketability and user experience.
Reverse engineering.
Reverse Engineering
We can scan your existing products as the foundation for the latest and greatest.
Custom PCB.
Electronics Design
From industrial controls to custom PCBs, we can design and prototype just about anything to bring the product to life.
Lathe design exploded.
Experience the product before it's built with advanced visualizations, including virtual reality.
CFD airflow passive cooling analysis.
Computational Fluid Dynamics
We can analyze fluid flow and heat transfer for electronics cooling, hydraulic or pneumatic products, free water surface effects, and other complex scenarios.
Certification & Approvals
We'll help navigate the complex world of regulations, certifications, and approvals so you can bring your product to market.
Headstock exploded closeup.
Renders & Animations
Photorealistic CGI can show off your product in the best light across a wide range of media.
Check out our article below for more details:
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“For anyone who needs full design support from a professional, reliable team who genuinely has your best interests at heart – I can’t recommend Riganelli Design highly enough.”

Check out how we helped MQUIP Group develop their next generation of vacuum lifting equipment.

MQUIP Mini Mk2 vacuum lifter sitting on stone.

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