Polyco Aegis

Critical design in healthcare.

We worked closely with Polyco, a healthcare device manufacturer, to develop a flagship product that enabled a new level of growth while exceeding expectations on aesthetic and economy.

Polyco Aegis front and back.
Injection molded enclosure halves.

Polyco had a strong vision for their new Aegis vital signs monitor, a critical component that needed to meet strict requirements for accuracy, durability, reliability, cost, and aesthetic.

We designed a highly effective product that matched the need for uncompromising quality in healthcare with the capabilities of modern manufacturing. The result is economical to produce and attractive to customers, boosting sales and accelerating growth.

Polyco Aegis exploded.
"The entire process working with Riganelli Design was so easy. We can't say enough great things about these guys. 100% recommended." - Shawn Bethune, President, Polyco


Industrial/conceptual design
Injection molded assembly design
Electrical integration
Photorealistic renders


Simplified design makes Polyco a standout
Reduced cost 20% from similar products
Short development cycle unlocked competitive advantage

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